Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Today is a Good Day to Die"

I recently stayed at home to on a Friday night, and stumbled upon this movie on AMC, and may I just say, I am impressed! Little Big Man, directed by Arthur Penn and starring Dustin Hoffman(Jack Crabb/Little Big Man), who was so young in this movie, definately surpassed my expectations! The plot is that Jack is about 120 years old, and is flashing back to the early years in his life. He starts when he is ten and his family is murdered by Native Americans while trying to go West across the US, and Jack and his sister are left alive and taken in by the "human beings" as the Native Americans call themselves. Throughout the movie, Jack goes back and forth from being a "human being" and a "white man". During this exchange, Jack ends up fighting in General Custer's army more than once, taking up gun fighting, getting married to a Swedish bride, searching for his Swedish bride, having children, and hunting buffalo.

The movie has a great mix of comedy, tradegdy, sarcasim, drama, and an overall interesting message...Although I'm not really sure how to state it. I guess you could say the message is: agression, hatred and violence towards one ethnicity(on both sides of the argument) is simply stupid and unnecessary because it only causes more pain for both sides, and we are all the same anyways. So I'll stop being philosophical now, and encourage you to watch this clip the whole way through, it's really good, especially at the end!

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mn girl said...

ooohh this looks like a good one claire! I need to rent it sometime!are we still up for watching a movie today? I printed a list of movies on his list at school, and IT WAS ELEVEN PAGES long. it was just wonderful